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Portugal Knitting Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the itinerary for the trip? How close is the typical itinerary to what we'll actually do?

The tour page includes a link to a typical itinerary. This itinerary will be pretty close to the experience of the actual tour (often, it's based on the actual itinerary of a prior similar tour). Of course, since the tours are months away, it's possible some of the details will need to be adjusted or reordered since not all of the activities can be booked so far in advance. So, the typical itinerary should give you a very good idea of what kind of experience you can expect, but we cannot guarantee that all of the individual experiences will be as listed or occur on the indicated day. We strive to ensure that if we adjust the itinerary, everything will still be of the same character and quality.

What level of knitter do I have to be to participate? Will it be over my head?

We've structured the tour so that it's accessible to knitters of all levels. Since the knitting workshops are casual and many of the immersive activities include other fiber arts and not knitting instruction, it should be a good balance of information and hands-on time, but not just with needles! Also, once we can gauge everyone's levels, Dorothy (our knitting guru) will be able to customize the tour to better meet the needs and levels of all participants. That's the beauty of a smaller, intimate, conversational experience like this.

Have you operated this knitting experience before?

Our inaugural knitting tour will be in September of 2024. We've been doing music performance tours in Italy similar to this in size and general concept since 2009. Since we relocated to Portugal in 2020, we've been looking for opportunities to bring travelers here and we've found a great community of knitters, rug makers, weavers, and other artists that are all tied to the local culture. Overall, our mission is to provide extraordinary travel experiences focused on a specific theme where you can explore a new place while doing something you love with other people who love the same thing. Plus there's just so much to do and see related to fiber arts here in Portugal... we've been pleasantly surprised!

I don't have a roommate, is it possible to share a room with someone else on the tour?

We typically have travelers looking to share rooms. Once we have all of the registrations in, we can suggest roommates and put you in touch so you can be sure that you'll enjoy your time together. We understand it's a challenge spending so much time with someone you haven't met before!

How many people usually participate in the Portugal Knitting Experience?

The tour has a minimum number of 10 participants and a maximum of 16.

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