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Portugal Knitting Experience: Southern Threads

A curated cultural tour in Portugal for knitters, in the Alentejo and Algarve regions

Are you ready for an adventure that combines creativity, culture, and cozy yarn? Join us on a one-of-a-kind tour through Portugal, designed especially for knitting enthusiasts and textile lovers. A blend of 70% culture, 30% history, and 100% wool, our itinerary promises inspiration, learning, and unforgettable moments.

Our journey begins in Lisbon, where the clatter of knitting needles mingles with the aroma of freshly baked "pastéis de nata." Explore local yarn shops, each skein whispering stories of tradition and craftsmanship. Dive into Portuguese knitting techniques passed down through generations. And don’t forget to sip on locally-produced wine—it pairs perfectly with creativity!

Next, we venture to the Alentejo region and Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage city. Wander through cobblestone streets, where medieval walls embrace a rich history and vibrant street life. Meet local artisans who weave magic into fabric, preserving age-old traditions. As you sample Alentejo cuisine, imagine the threads of history intertwining with your knitting projects.

Our final stop: Carvoeiro, a coastal haven. Picture yourself atop the cliffs overlooking the sea, knitting needles clicking rhythmically. The sun warms your skin as you create stitches inspired by the ocean’s hues. Explore local markets, where handwoven baskets and Portuguese ceramics await. These treasures will carry your yarn and memories back home.

Throughout the tour, indulge in curated Portuguese cuisine, sample world-class wines, and immerse yourself in the friendly local culture. Each location offers a unique perspective on Portugal’s textile history. Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or a curious beginner, this journey is more than travel—it’s a chance to learn, create, and connect.

So pack your yarn, embrace the stitches, and let Portugal’s textile tapestry weave its magic!


  • If you enjoy knitting, you'll love knitting in PORTUGAL!

  • Meet local knitters and learn unique techniques and patterns.

  • Experience Portuguese arts and culture.

  • Explore the Algarve region, typically a bit warmer in the winter.

  • Visit places off the beaten track.

  • Enjoy amazing Portuguese cuisine at curated restaurants.

  • Craft a unique memento for yourself with our Mystery Knit-A-Long.

  • Did we mention the wine?


  • Companions are welcome! Many of our guests bring a non-knitting companion. They are welcome to participate in the knitting activities as an observer, or enjoy more free time exploring.

Meet Your Hosts

Dorothy Bulac-Eriksen

Dorothy Bulac-Eriksen has created costumes for film and television for 40 years. She has made superheroes, spacesuits and creatures for companies such as Marvel, DC and the Star Trek franchise (Thor, Baby Groot, Batman, Spock, Worf, and the Borg Queen), and with a specialization in fabric manipulation, her skills appear in costumes that range from Muppets to Romulans to Lady Gaga.

Having now retired from the Entertainment Industry, Dorothy gives her full focus to her knitwear. She approaches her knitting designs with the aspect of her previous profession, enjoying the mixing of textures, colors and techniques. Many of her designs draw inspiration from characters of her past. Her upcoming shawl “I’m Batman” with its dramatic wingspan is reminiscent of the caped crusader.

Now living in Portugal, she is eager to have everyone experience all that the country offers, which is rich in the fiberarts.

Dorothy Bulac-Eriksen

William and Alex

William Kyle and Alex Hay founded Resonate Tours based on their shared passion for European culture and travel.

William lived in Florence, Italy while studying architecture in college. He fell in love with the urban lifestyle steeped in history, a contrast with his life growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Over the two years he lived in Florence, he learned to speak fluent Italian and developed deep friendships that he's maintained ever since. He has since visited Italy dozens of times, and has other favorite haunts across Europe. In addition to his Italian, William speaks passable Portuguese and some Spanish.

Similarly, Alex studied abroad in Spain not once, but twice! Adapting to a foreign culture and learning a new language fascinated him and he developed a lifelong passion for travel and exploring new cultures. He's visited more than 20 countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia. He speaks Portuguese and Spanish, some Italian and about thirty words of Mandarin Chinese.

A life of living in various cities in multiple countries has led William and Alex to reside in Lisbon, Portugal, a 21st-century intersection of world cultures.

Resonate Tours







Available Dates:

Feb 13 - 23, 2025


  • 10 nights 4-star & 5-star accommodation

  • Knitting workshops and other guided fiber arts activities

  • Cultural tour experiences and activities

  • European breakfast at the hotel each morning 

  • Lunch or Dinner each day 

  • Transport to all included activities 

  • Group activity entrance fees

AVAILABLE EXTRAS for an additional cost: 

  • Single Supplement: $900. Subject to availability. Standard price is based on two people sharing a room.

  • Airport/hotel pick up and drop off 

  • Additional meals & drinks 

  • Optional/Additional tour experiences


  • All prices are in US Dollars

  • Airfare is not included

  • Transportation to/from the hotel is not included

  • Best arrival airport is Lisbon

  • Best departure airport is Faro (or Lisbon)

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